isla: week 15/16

time is flying! she will be four months old on friday. 
which also happens to be the day her sweet uncle dylan will celebrate his 21st birthday.

her days are filled with daddy-daughter time while mom is teaching at school. before he goes to work he drops her at the house down the street for in-home child care. after i leave school and make the trek home i pick her up and we have a couple of hours together before she goes to bed. bobby and i miss each other during the week. but, it works out well for isla because most of the time one of us is with her.

visiting daddy at work

i swear she has been teething for over a month now. this particular night she had been crying and crying. after i gave her this teether she calmed down. bobby said it looked like she was giving me the finger.

if you are reading this, and that was the case, read this.
love, mom

i don't remember why, but we had to wake her up to eat, or go somewhere, or something... 
and this is what she looked like.

i think she was milking it.

sitting in her bumbo playing with her chains. just look at those cheeks!

this baby can take a mean nap.

i love getting pictures of my girl throughout the day when i am away at school. it brightens my day and motivates me to get my work done so i can get home on time and love on that baby.

she is spending more time on her tummy these days. she can hold this position for awhile now. it is fun to watch her realize she is getting stronger each time she does it. putting the toys in front of her seems to hold her attention and encourage her to hold her head up longer.


isla: week 14

uncle dylan and aunt becca visited us in our new house last week. isla once again enjoyed being spoiled and loved on. we are so grateful they made the trip up from katy. they were our very first houseguests!

sweet uncle dylan snapped this picture before we went to the pool for a bit with our little water baby. she enjoyed swimming for about 15 minutes then she was ready to head home for a bath, bottle and nap. i just love this picture.

we enjoyed a few naps in the big bed while daddy was at work. there is nothing more peaceful than snoozing with your baby in the afternoon for a couple of hours. i was blessed to have the entire summer with her.

isla was introduced to the wubba nub from aunt melissa this week. she loves holding onto something so it think it was a win.

greenville avenue pizza company's annual "slices for supplies" event. this was isla's second time going as she was already growing in her mommy's tummy this time last year.

aunt callie met us there. isla enjoyed spending time with her.

most of the time you will find isla with her hands in her mouth these days.

representing her texas pride with a onesie from sweet chelsey.

she is now grabbing the hanging animals on her activity mat and putting them in her mouth as well. bobby and i joke that every new little thing she does is newsworthy to us. we are enjoying watching her develop and grow right in front of our eyes.


isla: week 13

We attended a baby shower for some friends in Dallas last weekend. I am still getting used to "going down to Dallas" for things. It was home for my entire life and I was comfortable there. But, change is good, right? 

It was nice to see friends, and show off our little babe. But, she was pretty fussy. I think it was all a lot to take in. 

The next day we made another little trek, this time we went east. Attending the Charleston "homecoming." Charleston, Texas is where my great-grandmother, Bunbun, grew up. Each August the entire community gets together for food and visiting. Bunbun loved attending yearly when she was alive. She enjoyed taking all her grandkids and showing us off. We thought it would be nice to go this year and introduce Isla to some family who had only seen pictures online. 

Isla met lots of family, was oohed and ahhed over, and recieved her first piece if jewelry from Tommie and Gary pictured below. (Gary was  the pastor that performed our wedding ceremony.)

Pretty dresses from Meemie.

Out to dinner with precious Nolan and his dad. Isla was sweet and slept while her parents enjoyed a margarita!

Blurry picture showing the first time she sat in her Bumbo. It may already be too small for our little chunk-a-munk.

Isla stayed with Aunt Molly while daddy went to work and mama finished up a training for school. She put on her best crank show.

Apparently Mickey Mouse was one of the only things that calmed her down.

Loving on Aunt Jean.


isla: week 12

there was one night this week, after isla went to bed that i remembered to write this post. i got everything done around the house, had dinner, got all settled in bed, and the internet crapped out. 

that's country living for ya.

needless to say this post is a bit late.

in isla news: she is "talking" a lot, constantly playing with her hands and beginning to reach for things. i swear she is on the verge of laughing. one night i was blowing on her little belly and she laughed. it was so exciting. of course by the time i grabbed my phone to get a video for bobby she had stopped and hasn't done it again since. she is also rubbing a bald spot of the back of her head.  so there's that.

our bedtime routine: feed her, clean her up, change her diaper, put on lotion and pajamas, then put her on a blanket so that she can "get all her kicks out." i've found there is no use swaddling her before this. she enjoys this time very much and it lasts anywhere from three minutes to fifteen minutes. but, once she is kicked out she is much more cooperative. plus, she looks adorable.

daddy teaching isla how to properly watch tv

isla teaching daddy how to properly stand on a table

she can nap on the couch like nobody's business... until she pulls that bow down over her eyes.

left: isla's face when she thinks daddy will FaceTime with her
right: isla's face when she realizes he is too busy at work to chat

life is so hard


isla: weeks nine, ten, and eleven

at her two month checkup she had to get three shots. her pink camo bandaids and smile were adorable. the tears during and after the shots were heartbreaking.

on the way home from the pediatrician we stopped by the houchard house to meet baby rory and say hello to momma maura and big sis olivia. this will be the first of many photos of these two cuties taken together.

we were warned that the shots make some babies sleep more and some babies sleep less. we were grateful for the former.

another one of those adorable hand-me-downs.

the onesie says it all.

grandma jan came to meet isla

another hand-me-down that momma fell in love with

family photo shoot
isla spit her pacifier out as bobby snapped these and made me crack up uncontrollably. i love baby facial expressions in pictures. they.just.don't.care.

before taking down her wall decals he posed for a commemorative photo. this was her first room... tear.

***** we moved *****
and didn't have internet for over a week!
that's why this post is late and includes three weeks.

our first meal out for bbq in downtown anna, texas.
we are officially small town. and we kinda like it!

hanging out with my girl in our new living room.

one of those nights i didn't know where the tears were coming from and had tried everything. layed down with her in our bed and she fell asleep. the number of tears and the amount of time it took to get here i would have been insane to attempt to take that bib off. so she sleep for two hours with it on.

hopefully i will be back to normal posting next week.