Isla weeks 25-28

she is nearing the end of six months, and that is hard to believe. time has flown. she is a pro at sitting up at this point. she isn't showing much interest in crawling. but, she loves to sit and stand whenever possible.
we have been enjoying feeding her solids. she has tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocado, green peas, green beans, prunes, and mango. everything so far has been store bought, except the avocado. two nights ago bobby steamed, pureed, bagged, and froze carrots for her to try this week. it will be nice to give her something homemade. sometimes she is a good eater, other times she just doesn't seem into it. i've heard though that food before the first year is really just for exploration and fun.

morning selfies with my little angel baby

sometimes, like in the picture below, she doesn't look like herself. it's weird.

halloween 2014. also, 6 month checkup day complete with 4 shots and lots of tears.
this was the before picture.

bobby's parents and grandmother came to visit. it was so nice to have them here. is there anything better than people who love your baby?

pops & isla

meemie & isla

pops, nana, & isla

isla & nana

i showed isla a picture of her cousin, maddie, when she was a little baby. isla was very interested. she really wanted to hold the picture for herself.

that's my girl...

This is what she spends her time away from us doing. 
It is so nice to know she is well-taken care of and happy while we are at work.


isla: weeks 22-24

I used to struggle to pick out ten pictures from all the ones on my camera roll for the weekly post. Then school and grad school happened. Now I'm lucky to get 10 pictures for a post spanning three weeks. My how times have changed.

Isla has started eating solid foods! She's enjoying rice cereal at the moment. And this weekend we look forward to introducing a fruit or vegetable. It's so funny to watch her eat. She doesn't care about the mess she makes. She is just enjoying trying new things. It is such a joy to watch her discover, taste, feel and experience everything around her.

One day I looked in the rearview mirror and saw her playing with the toys attached to her car seat. The sight of those little hands almost did me in.

We have been spending time in the afternoons on the back porch. Isla enjoys watching the dogs run around, and swinging in her new swing.


At Hutchins BBQ, these paper baskets are set out for your sides and dessert. We put Sophie in one, and Isla enjoyed reaching for it across the table. It was the only thing around we let her put in her mouth.


Mama - daughter pic at Hutchins BBQ



Bobby was promoted to sergeant last week. We are so proud of him!

I think she's to be too big for her activity mat, don't you? She kicked over one of the poles, and the whole thing came down on top of her.

We like to send Daddy pictures while he's at work.


Isla: week 21

She is 5 months old! She has rolled from her tummy to her back, tried rice cereal, and moved from a sleeper to her crib. She growing up!

Sportin' her new pajamas from Patty. Hi Patty!

She must not have heard my stomach growling with hunger.

There was a time she was uninterested in this mobile. Not today.

She is quite taken with her foot these days.

This little glowing seahorse (thanks for the rec, Jenn!) kept Isla company as she spent her first night in her crib last Saturday night. She was such a brave girl and made it through the night without her vibrating Rock'N'Play sleeper that she has slept in since birth. You would've thought she graduated from college with the way I celebrated after waking up Sunday morning.

We went to Miyan's Mexican BBQ birthday party. Complete with a big, beautiful backyard, lots of friends, and two margarita machines. It was nice to spend the afternoon with friends. But, my goodness we were all wiped out by the time we made it back home.

There is an Isla under that sombrero!



She will be 5 months old in two days.

A couple weeks ago she rolled over for the first time and has done it again a few times since then. Earlier tonight we tried a bit of rice cereal. She tolerated a couple spoonfuls. But, she was already irritable and tired so that didn't last long.

She is wearing 6-9 month clothing comfortably right now.

Attempting to have her sleep in her crib for the first time tonight. She naps in it a lot, but usually sleeps through the night in her Rock'n'Play sleeper. We will see how this goes... We may be up a lot tonight. 


isla: weeks 17/18

school is def in session. my lack of posting is evidence enough. 

she was nineteen weeks old yesterday. where does the time go? she has started squealing like a crazy woman and it makes us laugh every time she does it. it's amazing how loud that little thing can be. when i am rocking her she is enjoying scratching at the fabric on the back of the glider. she seems to really like the noise it makes. if she is sleepy and trying to fall asleep for a nap on the couch she puts her hands over her eyes and moves them around. if she can get a hold of my hand she will pull my hand up over her eyes. it seems to soothe her to sleep. 

a couple days ago she started grabbing my face while i was feeding her. sometimes it hurts, but most times she is gentle enough. i love that she is exploring with touch and learning what i feel like.

one day last week i picked isla up from the house down the street and there was another baby there as well. holding isla in my arms chatting with the woman that keeps her, isla would look at the baby, laugh like i have never heard her laugh before, and bury her head in my shoulder. and she did this three or four times. i had never seen her do that and i cracked up at her being so silly.

bobby's uncle and aunt visited isla and came to see our new house. 
as always isla welcomed the extra attention.

we enjoyed a walk to the pond in our neighborhood 
and introduced isla to the ducks. she liked them.

family selfie

love that little aggie bum

i forever want to remember how adorable she was in this hooded towel. 
i mean.

facetiming while mama is at school

and while daddy is at work

the woman who cares for isla in the afternoons sent me this one day. 
look how happy she is! baby smiles are the best.

i cherish the hours we spend together each day after school. 
i miss her terribly when i am away.

our first date night out since isla was born. 
the blurriness is right. on. point. 

took a day trip down to college station to see my little brother dylan propose to his adorable girlfriend, rebecca. 

i. can't. even.

this is one of my favorite pictures of her. 
it is just so isla. those eyes. those perfect little lips. 

i love her to pieces.

this onesie is now a bit tight. she wore it for all of three weeks.