isla: 7 months

today she turned 8 months old and things are changing!

isla has two little bottom teeth. most of the time you will find her with her tongue sticking out. i think she likes to feel her teeth with her tongue. she has also become mobile within the last week. we thought she would be crawling by christmas, and she was pretty close. we haven't babyproofed the house yet. but, we gotta get on that! her favorite things to crawl for include our cell phones, the tv remote, and the tennis ball covered in dog slobber and hair. 

she has started to imitate us laughing. 
she enjoys going for walks in the stoller. 
and she screams with delight when we throw her up in the air.

here we are on thanksgiving day. bobby's aunt tanya and uncle bj came to our house from euless to celebrate. callie drove up from dallas. we all ate too much, while isla enjoyed playing on the floor beside the dining table while we ate. later that day i did not feel well and ended the night with a 101 degree fever. 

isla's first jacket, kinda want one in my size!

special daddy-daughter time

our house decorated for christmas the day after thanksgiving

one morning after getting dressed for work, i went upstairs to get her ready.
i quickly chose a pink top and black bottoms to match what i was wearing. 

isla approved.

she got a wagon. and she liked it. despite the face she has on.

we love being close to friends in mckinney. we especially love being close to friends who will meet us for dinner at 5:30 before the "crank hour" hits isla.

santa (and aunt melissa & cousin maddie) was good to isla on her first christmas

our first christmas morning together

aunt callie took this picture. and i loved it.

reading one of her books from santa, isla got her first bloody paper cut. mom went into full panic mode with neosporin and a barbie bandaid. isla couldn't have cared less.

(there's that tongue i told you about earlier)

molly & sammy went to new york and brought back a gift for isla. 
so what if the size read "18 months." isla is rocking it now!


isla & meemie

December 6, 2014

we were blessed to have meemie come stay with us the week following thanksgiving. isla's caregiver was out of town visiting family and both bobby and i had to work that week. we asked and luckily meemie agreed to take care of our sweet little isla. i think they both enjoyed their time together. 

it was such a relief to have family watching over her as we headed off to work each day. we were even able to go out and pick up a christmas tree and decorations, and head into dallas one night for a friend's engagement party all while meemie held down the fort. 

we love you, meemie!



one week shy of eight months old.

she is everything i imagined. and everything i could not.


dear isla

dear sweet little isla,

i love you more than i could ever hope to describe. there are no words good enough for how deep, and strong, and forever i will love you. i've been able to hold your tiny body in my arms for 231 days and those days have flown by. you are growing, and learning, and changing by the minute. it seems like i blinked my eyes and you are 7 1/2 months old. it would be silly of me to believe that time will slow down. it will continue. you will keep getting bigger, smarter, and more beautiful. 

i am writing this because you are asleep in your crib upstairs. i am downstairs on the couch watching the monitor. and i miss you.

this love is something i first experienced with you. and i am forever grateful for you, my baby.

your mama


Isla: 6 months

my goodness those weekly posts were difficult for me to keep up. these pics are from her sixth month. 

pictures from the caregiver isla stays with during the week while we are working. 
happy happy baby girl!

she loves things that "crinkle." paper, noisy books, baby wipe packages, and apparently mama's favorite chip bag. right before bobby snapped this shot she grabbed the bag from the counter where i had been snacking, turned it upside down, and spilled all of the chips inside. 
exploration at its finest!

this was the first day i had to take off work to stay home with a sick child. i know there are many more of those days to come. i rarely take off work for any reason, but this was different. my baby didn't feel good, warranted constant attention for her ailments, and just needed her mama with her that day.

i enjoyed sitting with her on the couch. while she snoozed i watched tv and relaxed. that is, until she had a blowout (!!!) and we had to change diapers and clothes.