Allow your passion to flow

i have blogged about my inspiration board before here. i finally took it down today as we are beginning to prepare baby epperson's nursery in our old bedroom. we have moved into what used to be the guest bedroom. and we are loving it. before our bedroom felt like my room that he slept in. it was pink, it had pink shams, and it was just pink. now our bedroom is us.

this had been posted on my inspiration board for years. before i throw it away and thought i would put the words here. so i could keep them forever. 

allow your passion to flow

when you are doing what you know you are meant to do, there's no need to struggle. instead of difficult or challenging or frustrating, there is simply doing. 
when you are merely interested, or when you're following someone else's dream, anything can distract you. yet, when you're pursuing your very own passion, nothing has the power to stop you.
true passion is not a matter of gritting your teeth and forcing yourself to take action, true passion is allowing all your words, thoughts and actions to resonate with you you most authentically are.
there's no reason to fight against yourself. instead, allow yourself in every moment to live out those interests, qualities, longings, ideals and purposes that you value most.
there is a reason why some things feel right and other things don't. pay attention to those feelings, for they tell you who you truly are.
from your own beautiful, unique spirit can flow a wealth of goodness and meaningful achievement. feel it, know it, allow it and it will come.

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Katelin Auden said...

This is exactly where I am and what I'm learning right now. I absolutely love it.