fourteen weeks

how far along: 14 weeks (the 10 week picture is included above because i hadn't posted it yet)

gender: looking forward to finding out in december

symptoms: becoming less and less tired as each week passes. in the beginning i was exhausted. sometimes too exhausted to make it through my day without resting my head on my desk or lying down in the floor during a break. these days i make it through the days just fine. sore breasts has been my biggest complaint. at the beginning of my pregnancy they were incredibly sore. the pain is lessening and i barely notice it as i go about my day. getting up in the night to pee is when i really notice the soreness. otherwise, no other symptoms. i have been one of the lucky ones with zero sickness. 

energy level: (scale of 1-10) 6 - again, it is getting better because it was at a 3. i wake up at 5 to get ready for school. when i return from school i typically work on grad school coursework and then have dinner with him. afterward, we relax on the couch and try to watch a tv show. honestly, most nights i am asleep either in bed or on the couch by 8. yes, even on the weekends. i am enjoying the sleep while i can still get it.

mood: in the mornings before school i am usually sad because i want to stay home. however, when i get to school i am energized and eager to start my day. i am always happy when i feel like my work at school can be called "finished for the day" and i get to go home. 

cravings: soup, fried pickles, and pancakes... separately.

food aversions: none so far. i still love food.

sleep: typically i get about 8-9 hours each night. i have been sleeping fine. the only thing that wakes me up is the need to pee 2-3 times a night.

what i am thankful for this week: the gifts baby epperson has already received. bouncer, crib mattress, and doorway jumper from the houchard's. funny onesie from the auden's. books from a fun mommy book exchange sent to me by jen. 

"pregnancy brain" evidence: left my car trunk open during an hour-long workout at the gym. put shampoo on my loofah instead of body wash in the shower. washed my face, dried it with a towel, and promptly threw towel in trashcan. didn't realize it until an hour later when i went back into the bathroom.

how my body has changed this week: i have started having nosebleeds about once each week recently. never in my life have i had a nosebleed so i was worried something was wrong. he quickly googled and found out that it is perfectly normal for pregnant women to have nosebleeds. according to babycenter.com "pregnancy can cause the blood vessels in your nose to expand, and your increased blood supply put more pressure on those delicate vessels, causing them to rupture more easily." i have been very congested and as a result have been blowing my nose and sneezing non-stop. during the night while i sleep my nose gets extremely dry. all of these things have contributed to the extremely glamorous pregnancy nosebleeds i am beginning to experience.

inspiration for this post found at becoming m


Amelia said...

Great update! Keep going--you're doing fantastic!

Miyan said...

omigosh, marli! you are SHOWING! and you look AMAZING preggers. love this post, keep 'em coming! :)

Love you!

Katelin Auden said...

I love reading these. I love your bump. I love you guys. Also, fried pickles? That sounds good, I'll have that.