twenty-two weeks

how far along: 22 weeks

gender: it's a girl!

symptoms: frequent urination seems to be the major symptom i have been experiencing these days. it is constant. i try my best to not drink much liquid before bedtime. but, when this girl is thirsty she drinks something. i may wake once per night to use the restroom if at all. so that is not a complaint. the frequent urination is during the day. sometimes i haven't even left the restroom before i realize i need to go again.

energy level: (scale of 1-10) 9 - i am saying nine instead of ten because i have yet to experience the nesting phase everyone talks about. the one where the husband finds his wife organizing the bathroom cabinets in the middle of the night. i have always been like that and i do that sort of stuff during the day. i just haven't gone crazy nesting yet... but i am sure i will.

mood: wonderful. i still love being pregnant. i was meant for this. 

cravings: nothing much. i keep waiting for my craving of pickles and ice cream to hit... 

food aversions: does alcohol count? the smell of liquor especially sicks me out. yuck! 

sleep: still getting enough sleep. i may toss and turn a few times a night from my left, back, and over to my right side. but, i am usually able to fall back to sleep no problem. i am incredibly grateful for that as i hear that may soon change.

what i am thankful for this month: i am thankful for all of the sweet gifts our little girl is receiving. from headbands, shoes, books, and the smallest onesies you've ever laid eyes on this babe is going to want for nothing. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"pregnancy brain" evidence: nothing comes to mind right now... maybe that is the evidence. 

how my body has changed this month: my blood pressure was very high at my first two prenatal visits but this past visit it was back to normal. this was great news. that was something i worried about and i hope the improvement continues. my belly is getting bigger every day and i am enjoying watching the changes. i finally bought some maternity clothes and i am loving sporting my new comfy threads.

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jodi ann brown said...

Enjoy every single amazing, beautiful, scary and wonderful moment!
Yes, you are sooo meant for this.
My only craving with you .... Dr Pepper!
Loves. So very much. Your Mom