isla: week 3

isla has outgrown her newborn diapers, and has moved up to size one. with her birth weight at 8 lbs. 12 oz. i knew she wouldn't be in them long. but, they were so cute and tiny we tried to keep them around as long as possible. the little rings around her thighs told us it was time to switch. there are two cases of newborn diapers sitting in her nursery ready to be given away. anyone need some tiny diaps?

there is also a stack of clothes sitting on the kitchen counter that she has outgrown. those jammies with the feet are so cute, but our long-legged girl doesn't last long in them. i am currently on the lookout for footless pajamas like these from hanna andersson. 

i introduced the pacifier this week as well. before she was born we were given quite a few different pacifiers and i honestly didn't know if we would use them. i read all about waiting to give a pacifier to ward off nipple confusion. but, since i am pumping breast milk, instead of her breastfeeding, that is not an issue. we use the pacifier before she takes a nap, and after we have made sure she is clean and dry, been fed, and is otherwise okay. sucking is naturally soothing for babies and we will do whatever it takes to make our girl happy and calm.

in a last bit of news, remember last week when i generously shared my illness with you? well, that seems to have led the way to something far more annoying. about a week after i came down with some sort of viral infection i noticed one night while brushing my teeth that the left side of my face was not moving as well as the right. i pointed it out to bobby. not sure of what it was we went to bed that night hoping to wake up the next morning and find it healed. we did not. after a day of worry, tears, and google research we made a late-night trip to the emergency room where i was diagnosed with bell's palsy. while a fairly common ailment and one with an 80% complete recovery rate i am still experiencing the symptoms over a week later. it could take 2-3 weeks to clear up. it could take 3 months. the scariest part is that for few the paralysis never goes away. the muscles on the left side of my face are very weak and they have started to ache a bit when touched. not sure if this is from not being used or a sign that strength will come back soon. it is difficult to drink from a glass without a straw. watching me eat cannot be pleasant, as the food gets stuck all over my mouth and i have trouble getting it out. my food has to be cut up and biting down on something like a burger is out of the question. my speech is also affected though not much.  i have stopped crying about it. i am getting less self-conscious as the days go on and more people know. i am taking the medicine prescribed. i am dumping the breast milk i pump so the meds do not get passed to isla. all i can do now is hope it gets better.

but, it suckkkkks.

she still looks at me with loving eyes. and so does he. and that is what matters.

beauty is, as beauty does. 
bunbun used to tell me this all the time. i can hear her saying it to me now.

sitting on the back porch one afternoon i snapped this picture and spotted her birthmark on her elbow for the first time

this is one of her favorite pacifiers

cousin maddie came to visit with aunt melissa and aunt bridgitt from minnesota

the girls enjoyed getting to know each other

took my first selfie with her before we took a walk around the block

love that long little arm draped over mine

tummy time is hard work

but, she rocks it

mama loves you isla lyn


Katelin Auden said...

She is beautiful. You are beautiful.

Miyan said...

amazing, love how you are posting about the changes and progress for us to read- keep the posts comin! lala!

beautiful denial said...

Our lives are such a rollercoaster...terrifying, exciting and downright awesome! Enjoy every twist, turn and especially the looptey-loops!
You are amazing. Loves....sooo much.

Marli Epperson said...

Thank you all for your sweet words. LOVE!