isla: week two

another week has passed. hard to believe that three weeks ago today we were coming home with this little peanut with no clue what we had gotten ourselves into. it was a week filled with visitors, naps, and trips to lowe's, kroger, and greenville avenue pizza company. 

i came down with a 24 hour bug complete with chills, fever, body aches, and diarrhea (yep, i went there... i'm keeping it real). it was torture to be reduced to the couch after enjoying enduring two weeks of bed rest. i had zero energy and felt miserable. but, having her nap on my chest eased all of my aches and made me smile.

we've noticed that she has become more alert and is beginning to focus on us a little more each day. a few adorable coos have escaped her mouth, and they thrill us each time. her arms and legs continue going a mile a minute and her superhuman baby strength is still evident.

"i am three weeks old today. let's party!"

dr. isla to mama's rescue

isla loves playtime almost as much as daddy. 

aunt becca and uncle dylan visited

she didn't mind the extra attention one bit


Miyan said...

look at that sweet baby girl! so much love surrounding her already & shes only 3 weeks old!! cant wait to see her grow :)

Roxie said...

Yay!!! Marli, she is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Congratulations :)