isla: week 4

well, he went back to work on sunday. and we miss him every second he is gone. let me just say the whole taking care of a baby is so much easier with another person around. we had our routine down. when one person can change a diaper and the other can get the bottle ready things just seem to go a lot smoother. now when we are alone with her, we will have to figure out how to do it all.

i've said it before, and i will no doubt say it again, but i applaud all the single parents out there. i don't now how you do it, but i know you do. keep on keeping on.

in other news our house went on the market this week. we are looking forward to moving out of our current neighborhood and into a new house. 

she is gaining more control of her hands, "talking" a bit more, and and following us with her eyes some. she continues to sleep well through the night, averaging eight to nine hours. during the day she is up more, which is what we want, but sometimes she is up for a while and is so tired she doesn't know what to do with herself. those times are fun.

at her one-month checkup she weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces and measured 22 inches. she also had a lovely little condition referred to as "cradle cap," which is basically just baby dandruff, on her forehead and between her eyebrows. we cleaned and moisturized the area daily and it seems to have gone away. now we are just dealing with a bit of baby acne on her cheeks. 

quality daddy-daughter time

footless pajamas courtesy of ms. jana bertrand

i treated myself to a starbucks drink, a new book by my favorite author, and a pedicure. while i felt bad leaving him with her during such a busy time, i needed that hour break. and i came back in a better mood. those people that tell you to take care of yourself know what they are talking about.

in honor of daddy going back to work this week

sometimes you just need your mama

she may or may not have worn this onesie for over twenty-four hours...

this girl can mean mug with the best of em.

one might think she was making eyes at the adorable wall decals. but they would be wrong. she is gazing at either the crib rails or the wall behind them. when she is in her crib she stares, talks, and swats at this area for hours minutes.

i love this picture because she looks so small sitting with him. they're best buds.


Miyan said...

wow, she's growing up so fast! that picture with her on your shoulder melts my heart <3 love, spy

beautiful denial said...

Oh my goodness...could she be any more beautiful? She has her mama's "mean mug"!
Love Mom.

beautiful denial said...

Oh my goodness...could she be any more beautiful? She has her mama's "mean mug"!
Love Mom.