isla: week five

she is smiling at us!

this is the most exciting development thus far. what a thrill it is to see our girl recognize our face and voice and smile with glee. there is just nothing better. 

after putting our house on the market last week we received a total of four offers. we accepted one and are in the option period right now. the inspection was today and hopefully everything goes well. we also looked at houses in melissa last week and put an offer in on one. the sellers accepted our offer and we are in the option period with it as well. the inspection for the melissa house is friday. we are looking forward to heading up there that morning and getting more familiar with the house.

we met up with uncle bj and aunt tanya for breakfast at breadwinners. the food was delicious as always and i changed my first "car diaper" which was such a treat. isla was a trooper throughout the experience.

carter's was having a summer sale and i could not resist these cute outfits. she has already worn the striped crab one but the others are still a bit big. we also visited the houchard family last week. they generously passed down tons of adorable clothes to isla. her wardrobe has increased quite a bit! 

there is a bow for every outfit

love that scowl

post house hunting in melissa, texas

meeting olivia for the first time at the houchard house and sleeping the rest of the time

sitting with mom in the kitchen of our hopefully new house

those mornings in bed are some of my favorite

i snapped quite a few pics during this session

she was just being so precious!

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Miyan said...

love, love, love! congrats on receiving an offer so quickly & on the exciting new (possible) house news!! isla is getting CUTER & CUTER by the day, thanks for sharing these photos and your stories with us.