isla: week six

the sixth week of her life was a busy one. showings, house offers, and inspections filled our days. we are looking forward to the closing of our current house on the 26th and our new house on july 9th. luckily the timing of everything worked out and our buyer agreed to a 30-day lease back so we have a place to live after we close here in dallas. 

our six week visit at the birth center went well. mama has healed wonderfully and was approved to resume working out! i began a couch-to-5k program on sunday and have really been enjoying it. it feels so nice to be active again.

bobby's first father's day was on sunday. he received his first gift and card signed by his girls. isla got dressed up for the day. our little family ventured out to central market to pick up lunch and an entire key lime pie (which we polished off today). after a relaxing afternoon we went to papa's house for burgers with the family.

the week was busy, but so much fun!

this onesie has since been retired

love when she sleeps on my shoulder... even though my arm falls asleep.

bestie captured my angel baby perfectly
photo credit: molly mandell

smiling because the babe was asleep and this mama was in the chick-fil-a drive-thru. all was right with the world.

katelin came to our house to cut my hair and snapped this shot of isla laying on bobby's lap
photo credit: katelin auden

checking out the master bathroom in our hopefully new house.

my little buddha baby

told you i loved this

after a long two days of baby showers, family dinners, and car rides this girl was ready for her pajamas and bed


Amelia said...

I love reading these posts! Thanks for keeping us updated on life with Isla. My favorite picture this week is Isla in her Mamaroo---budha baby. Do they make these for adults?!

Marli Epperson said...

I am glad you are reading these posts. It is such fun choosing the pictures and recapping the week. I know I will enjoy going back and rereading them later. I hope Isla will one day as well.

Everyone who sees the Mamaroo wants to know where they can get the adult version! I would so enjoy napping in one.